Auto Repair Sales – Is Your Service Advisor an Order Taker Or a Sales Person?

So how do you tell if your service advisor is an order taker or a sales person? Let us start by establishing what an order taker is and then shed light on the skills of a sales person so that hopefully, some improvements can be made regarding your auto repair sales.

A customer will walk in requiring a change of their shock absorbers. No sale is required here; the customer knows what they want and are willing to purchase it. The order taker may sell the customer the most expensive brand or type, but no actual effort is required for this sale to take place. The customer will gladly pay the bill, thank the team and go home having gotten exactly what they asked for.

In the same situation, the service advisor would ask how long the shock absorbers have been in use and what the travel demands of the customer are. In doing so, they get information to firstly, determine whether the current type of shocks are suitable for the vehicles demands and secondly, which would be better suited for this particular case. The service advisor would then proceed to ask about other parts and for instance establish that the brake pads also need replacement, albeit not immediately. The customer may decline purchasing them right away but a follow up appointment is set for that order of business. If your auto repair sales person was any good, the customer walks away with a thank you, new shock absorbers and the prospect of returning for further service.

We see how the service advisor has not only taken an order but also placed a second by expressing concern for the customer, who will feel looked after having had received auto repair sales advice for future reference. The skills displayed in the service advisor show an interest in customer service and thus increasing earning potential as well as loyalty. Taking initiative is one of the key indicators of a good sales person. The asking of relevant questions that will lead not only to a solution to the current problem, but also displays an ability to gather valuable information, as well as a keen sense of listening skills. Customers value being valued and when a sales advisor takes interest in the customer in the context of establishing a long-term relationship, the benefits are bountiful for all.

The sales person benefits more from customer satisfaction rather than commission or simply flying in big orders. This serves as a platform for the customer to recommend the shop and in particular, that sales person as an ongoing and reliable resource. This builds on the client base as a personal touch is added onto an otherwise financially stressful interaction.

It should not be taken for granted that the quality of a sales person ranges from poor to excellent and so some characteristics that are found in an excellent auto repair sales person may very well be lying dormant in an order taker. Also, this raises the potential of grooming and developing an order taker into a sales person. Order takers should not be dismissed as a dull existence of the sales team as they possess reliable traits that play a role in the smooth running of daily business. They may not be the so called “go-getters” or “risk-takers” but they do contribute to a well oiled machine in need of stability and sense of security. These skills can be identified and honed to produce a top sales person.

We can then conclude that when it comes to determining which is which, the order taker and sales person fall on a spectrum and sales skills are conscientiously worked for and honed for desirable results. Auto repair sales requires some determination to want more and get more, promise a lot and deliver even more. It all comes down to customer satisfaction as it is the ultimate ingredient in keeping the business thriving. Customers who feel important and taken care of will feel compelled to remain loyal and refer others to your shop and a good sales person is that catalyst. There is a sales person in every order taker; its simply a matter of tweaking the right skills to make it productive for everyone involved.

Important Tips For Business Travelers

Some jobs involve a lot of traveling. The traveling could either be locally or internationally. Business travelers are therefore extremely busy people with tight schedules and several deadlines to meet. For that reason, it is very easy for such travelers to make mistakes while making choices on the mode and means of travel. This paper examines various tips that a business traveler should always keep in mind while traveling, and most importantly how to get a quality and reliable limousine service to the airport.

It is very common with business travelers and every other traveler to always hire transport services from the airport to their various destinations. Statistics indicate that most travelers always prefer engaging cab services as they are the relatively cheap and affordable as compared to other available means of transport. However, due to their relatively low charges, cab services are not always as comfortable and stylish as a traveler would desire

Due to the lack of comfort that is associated with the cab services, travel advisors have given rentals of limousine as the alternative. The limousines services offered for airport transfers are quite comfortable and elegant and are within affordable rates. Making the right selection while hiring a limo at the airport will not only guarantee you access to your desired destination, but will also offer quality services for the payments made.

It is very important that a wise selection for a limo airport transfer is made to avoid frustrations. A wrong choice may lead to a business traveler missing out on a flight, occasioned by failure to keep time by the driver of the limousine. While selecting a limo for airport transfers, travel experts advice that it is always wise to request a physical examination of the limo to ensure that it is your desired selection. This helps eliminate the element of last minute disappointment. Such disappointments include discovering that the limousine, for which you paid a fortune for, is actually an old model. In addition, it is rusty and therefore has mechanical problems. Such disappointments consequently will lead to non performance in your job. It is for this reason that travel experts emphasize on the need to have at a physical look at the limo you prior to committing your money.

In order to obtain quality services while making rentals for a limo, travel experts have given various tips that a business traveler should always keep in mind. The first thing as already mentioned is to take a physical look at the limousine you intend to hire. Secondly, ensure that the limousine has an insurance cover attached to it. This helps to protect the traveler in case of an accident while using the limousine. It is also important to find out if the company offering the hiring services belongs to an association. If so, then such a company is more reliable and therefore more preferable as opposed to one that does not.

A business traveler is therefore advised to always use the above discussed tips to avoid making mistakes while traveling.